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Pest Control Articles

Green, Chemical-Free Pest ControlGreen, Chemical-Free Pest Control

Pest Control has finally evolved into an industry that quickly and  effectively eradicates pests in your home  without exposing its other living inhabitants to harmful and dangerous chemicals with a system called ThermaPureHeat offered by a company called Expediant in NY, CT, NJ, PA and MA ThermaPureHeat is a completely chemical-free new process called Structural Pasteurization ... [watch video]

Pest Problems in Crawl Spaces

No one knows how great a place your house is to live like insects, and if they can find a way into your crawl space, they'll make it their home. Animals such as snakes, cats, moles, spiders, and others may not pose a serious problem. However, others pests, such as ... [read more]

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