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House Detox: Controlling Indoor Pollution

Controlling indoor pollutants

Controlling indoor pollutants

A few more weeks and summer will be over.  Outdoor furniture will be folded or put away, pools covered, and gardens prepared for a long winter nap. Our windows will be closed, and we will try to close, seal, insulate and caulk every air leak to protect our families from the bitter cold and maximize the efficiency of our heating appliances.

However, once all the windows are closed, another danger emerges: indoor pollution, which according to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is 2 to 5 times worse than the outdoor pollution, and can aggravate asthma and allergy symptoms.

This article How to Detox Your House from Good Housekeeping magazine offers a step-by-step guide on how to control indoor pollution, detecting the main problem areas in the house and listing simple measures that can significantly improve indoor air quality during the winter months.

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