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Kitchen Cabinet and Countertop Options

Cabinets and countertops are typically the main focal points of your Connecticut kitchen. They are what add the color, theme, style and interest to a room otherwise filled with appliances and furniture. There are a number of different options for kitchen cabinets and kitchen countertops, and depending on your taste and budget, some options are better for your kitchen than others.

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen CabinetsThere are many different types of kitchen cabinets available to homeowners in Connecticut. Depending on the kitchen, some cabinets may work better than others. HGTV writes that custom cabinets are an expensive option, but they are built to the exact specifications of a kitchen, and have a wider range of options for materials, designs, finishes and accessories.

There are also semi-custom cabinets that are made to a homeowner’s size requirements but are produced in predetermined steps. Stock cabinets are the cheapest option as they are already made and only come in standard sizes. There are also framed cabinets and frameless cabinets available.


Hardware adds a finishing touch of glamour and elegance to any kitchen. Pick out your favorite style of knobs and handles to match the current theme or to add some diversity to the kitchen. There are many relatively inexpensive handles available that can still look good.

If you think your cabinets are in good shape right now, HGTV recommends that you freshen them up a bit to make your kitchen look newer. You can re-stain or paint your cabinets, or even re-face them. Re-facing cabinets is an inexpensive alternative to getting new cabinets altogether.

Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen DesignYour kitchen countertops can add color and flair to your Connecticut kitchen. A local kitchen countertop contractor can help ensure this job gets done correctly. The options for kitchen countertops range from glamorous and expensive to fairly basic and moderately priced.

A high-end option for your kitchen would be granite countertops. Granite is available in polished and matte finishes, and come in a variety of colors including whites, greens, corals and beiges. HGTV writes that the cost of granite depends on color, finish and where the stone came from. Engineered stone countertops come in a wider variety of colors, but are usually the same price as granite.

Marble, limestone and soapstone countertops are softer than granite so homeowners need to be more delicate with these surfaces. There are also solid surface countertops that come in many colors and resist stains, but hot pots or pans can damage them. Concrete countertops are seen more often nowadays and can come in different pigments and finishes. However, changes in temperature can cause concrete to warp and maintenance can be daunting. To keep concrete looking great, homeowners would need to seal it four times a year and wax it every two to three months.

Wood countertops can create a warm look in a kitchen and are relatively easy to clean and sand to get rid of scratches, but water damages them so they need to be oiled. Laminate is the least expensive option and comes in many colors and designs, but laminate is easily damaged by hot pans and scratched.

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