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Interior Design on a Budget

Interior design can sometimes be expensive. But if you want to do a little redecorating without breaking the bank, it is possible to give a room a great new look on a budget.  The key is researching and doing your homework before you begin.  Preparing and prioritizing—deciding exactly what you want—will give you focus and help you envision the desired layout, color scheme, etc. One of the main reasons why people go over budget when redecorating is changing minds, which often leads to wasted materials.  Interior design is fun but it’s easy to get carried away.

Paint is a simple and inexpensive product that can go a long way.  Are the bathroom or kitchen cabinets too expensive to replace?  Sand and paint them.  Is the floor etched and dull?  Most flooring material can be painted.  With all the colors on the market, you can get creative, even on a tight budget.  Consider stencil patterns.  Maybe you want a ski or fir tree pattern in a lodge-like living room, or a comforting foliage design in a country kitchen.  The possibilities are endless in a child’s room—rainbows, baseballs, clouds, dolls and animals.  If you are artistically inclined, paint a mural on the wall.  Before painting anything, however, make sure the paint you have purchased is compatible with the intended surface.

Instead of buying new furniture, invest in a slipcover for that aging sofa.  Cover-ups are similar to paint in that they’re an inexpensive and quick way to an entirely new look.  Are the wood kitchen chairs nicked and stained?  Cover them with handsome, durable fabric.  Does your bed need an extra something?  Go with new throw pillows with a fun pattern.  Curtains add charm, and there are all kinds available that are very inexpensive.  It’s amazing what a difference some new fabric can make in a room.

Budget-friendly wall mirrors can be purchased to really open up a space.  Think about a pattern of small mirrors for a geometric affect.  Or frame a single mirror for a “mock window.”  Place a mirror behind a collection of stones or a houseplant.  Mirrors add light and seem to give a room greater size and dimension.

It’s stunning what replacing a lampshade or lighting fixture can do for a room.  Fabulously original fixtures are often available at discount stores.  Funky, simple, or chic, lighting matters perhaps more than anything else, yet often its importance is often overlooked.  After all, the lighting is what will illuminate your vision.

When redecorating on a budget, stick to your priorities but always leave room for spontaneous buys.  Little purchases can become large style accents in your space.  Interior design is an art in itself—one that doesn’t have to cost you a ton of money to make a bold, new statement.

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