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Master Bedroom Design

Master Bedroom DesignToo often, designing and decorating the master bedroom falls to the back burner.  It is generally a room out of the way, not in plain view of guests, so the kitchen, living room, and main bathroom tend to get more attention.  But remember that your bedroom is your sanctuary.  Kids and teens decorate their bedrooms with posters and accessories of what they admire, enjoy and adore.  So should you.  What are your favorite colors?  What do you like to do?  How do you relax?  Incorporating your pastimes and pleasures into the look of the master bedroom will give you peace of mind when you start your day, end your day, or retreat midday.

Are you a reader?  Then invest in a lounge/reading area with thought-provoking artwork and ample lighting. Eye experts generally agree that two reading lamps of at least 175-200 watts are best to avoid strain.  If this seems too bright for a bedroom, consider installing a series of wall sconces behind a comfortable chair and ottoman, which will give you a lot of light and style.  Get lots of pillows.  Maybe your reading area is a cozy nook—think about installing built-in bookshelves.  Does landscape art move you, or something modern and geometric?  It’s best for the eyes not to read lying down, but if you prefer reading in bed, think about installing a padded headboard.

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