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Insulation Articles

Invest in Your House and Beat the Stock MarketInvest in Your House and Beat the Stock Market

The stock market’s been making news lately, and the news isn’t good. With so many people agonizing over when and what to sell or buy, the dream of a solid and significant return on investment seems a long way off. But it could be closer than you think. If you ... [read more]

Blown Foam InsulationBlown Foam Insulation

There are multiple ways to “go green” and use less energy in your home. You can seal air leaks by caulking the cracks along windows and doors, replace your HVAC’s air filters every couple months, and make sure your home’s air ducts are fully sealed and unblocked. Another great way ... [read more]

Rigid Foam InsulationRigid Foam Insulation

As we all know, weather can be quite finicky. One day it may be 55 degrees, and the next day it may be 30 degrees. Without sufficient home insulation, a homeowner is more likely to experience such changes in weather first-hand. That’s because a home that lacks insulation cannot fully ... [read more]

Open & Closed Cell Foam InsulationOpen & Closed Cell Foam Insulation

A home that is sufficiently insulated will have lower energy bills, less wasted energy, fewer drafts, and be much more comfortable to live in year-round. This is because insulation helps to protect a home from hot summer and/or cold winter outdoor temperatures. Plus, it protects against air leaks and helps ... [read more]

Spray Foam InsulationSpray Foam Insulation

Ensuring proper insulation is one of the easiest and most effective energy-saving strategies for a home. Insulation works to protect a home from hot summer and cold winter temperatures; without it, a home is exposed to harsh outdoor weather, making it less comfortable to live in and more costly to ... [read more]

Foam InsulationFoam Insulation

What is the best way to reduce your natural gas and electric bills, reduce your overall energy consumption, and help the environment? Adding home insulation! A home lacking the proper insulation will have more expensive air conditioning and heating bills, because the interior air can easily leak outside while outdoor ... [read more]

Home Energy AuditsHome Energy Audits

Tom & Larry's Excellent Home Energy Savings Show talks about Home Energy Audits, why you need a home energy audit, the ABC's of an energy audit Attic, Basement, Conditioned space and what energy saving step should be done in your home first, second, third; based on the results of your ... [watch video]

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