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Remodeling your basement to a games roomRemodeling your basement to a games room

As any realtor will tell you, one of the first questions prospective buyers ask about an existing home property is, "does it have a basement?" For most homeowners, there is nothing more appealing than the idea of having a customized basement gaming room. It's important to be aware, however, that renovating ... [read more]

Renovating with children in mindRenovating with children in mind

Renovating a room allows you to redesign the space to manage your needs. If you are renovating a child's room, you need to pay special attention to the materials you are using. Children are more sensitive to environmental hazards than adults because children eat more food, breathe more and drink ... [read more]

10 Tips for an Environmentally Friendly Home10 Tips for an Environmentally Friendly Home

Make the jump to fluorescent lighting; it uses about a quarter as much energy as incandescent lighting and can last many times longer. Use phosphate-free detergents; they get clothes just as clean, but are gentle on the environment. Paper or plastic? Neither! Bring reusable bags to the grocery store. Pass on harsh drain ... [read more]

Remodeling to Sell: Not every improvement pays off

The recent housing crisis flooded the real estate market with properties. Sellers today are competing with builders desperate to get rid of newly built homes and banks willing to sell foreclosed properties at much less than they are worth as a way to cut their losses. To make matters worse, a ... [read more]

Remodeling Contractors: Check those referencesRemodeling Contractors: Check those references

Among all the necessary steps to take when hiring a basement contractor, asking for and checking a contractor’s references is most commonly overlooked by the homeowners. Some are not comfortable with the idea of bothering a complete stranger, or calling someone on the phone to ask about the work performance of another. ... [read more]

How to Pick a Home Improvement ContractorHow to Pick a Home Improvement Contractor

Time and time again we hear horror stories about home improvement contractors doing shoddy work, not doing the what they were paid to do, or just flat out cheating homeowners out of their money. As a homeowner, what can you look for to help choose a trustworthy home improvement contractor? There ... [read more]

Basement Design IdeasBasement Design Ideas

Designing any room can be tough, but a basement can be especially uninspiring for design ideas. Bad lighting, a cold atmosphere and mechanical eyesores popping out everywhere don’t give homeowners much to work with when they’re coming up with remodeling designs. Use these basement design ideas to guide you as ... [read more]

Kitchen Cabinet and Countertop OptionsKitchen Cabinet and Countertop Options

Cabinets and countertops are typically the main focal points of your Connecticut kitchen. They are what add the color, theme, style and interest to a room otherwise filled with appliances and furniture. There are a number of different options for kitchen cabinets and kitchen countertops, and depending on your taste ... [read more]

Free Tool to Create Your Own Floor Plans

Whether you are planning a new addition, building your dream home, remodeling your kitchen or simply  rearranging your living room furniture, this free tool will come in handy. allows you to easily  build  (and share!) 2D floor plans like a pro and then visualize them in 3D. The best of all? It ... [read more]

Over Half of Homeowners Plan Remodel Projects in 2009Over Half of Homeowners Plan Remodel Projects in 2009

According to a recent poll conducted by Consumer Reports , over the next 12 months, 54 percent of homeowners are planning a remodeling project. Although 65% report planning to to do at least some of the work themselves, there is still good news for the remodeling industry as a whole, especially during tough ... [read more]

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