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10 Tips for an Environmentally Friendly Home

  1. Make the jump to fluorescent lighting; it uses about a quarter as much energy as incandescent lighting and can last many times longer.
  2. Use phosphate-free detergents; they get clothes just as clean, but are gentle on the environment.
  3. Paper or plastic? Neither! Bring reusable bags to the grocery store.
  4. Pass on harsh drain cleaners for a more eco-friendly approach such as pouring baking soda mixed with a half cup of vinegar down the drain followed by boiling water.
  5. Overloaded with free coffee mugs? Use one in your bathroom as a toothbrush holder or mouthwash mug.
  6. Drink filtered water and take a thermos with you to minimize waste made by water bottles.
  7. For small paint jobs, mix old paint colors together instead of buying more.
  8. Dont fall asleep with the TV on.
  9. Redecorating? Go vintage! Buying vintage furniture requires no additional resources and eases the load on landfills.
  10. Eliminate drafts around windows, doors and garage doors to conserve heat and AC.

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