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Going Green: Does it pay off?

Not too long ago,  “green” homes were pretty much a trend followed by the few people who actually had the time and money to research and implement “green” technologies in the name of environmental responsibility.

While newer homes were being built more and more eco-friendly, retrofitting an existing home  just to make it more energy efficient was something very few would consider. Environmentally responsible technologies were scarce, and not exactly cost effective.

But, all of that has changed.  Today, there is a myriad of green remodeling solutions for just about every application. From home finishes, insulation and sealing to energy-efficient appliances, and green heating and cooling technologies.


In addition, the economic downturn, the housing slump and the energy crisis are slowly changing the way we think about green technologies. Implementing them is no longer only the responsible thing to do to preserve resources and save the planet’s future. Going green is actually the smart thing to do today because it allows you and your family to live better, more comfortably and for much less money.

In other words, homeowners begin to understand that going green pays off. How much?

This article explains how much, helps you understand the ratings used by the industry to rate the efficiency of different solutions, and shows you exactly how much you can save by adopting them.

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