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Energy Efficiency Through the Roof

When many people think of energy efficiency, they think of power sources, turning off the lights, using less gas, maybe the utilization of solar panels for a single home or a wind farm for an entire community.  However, energy efficiency can come in the form of new roofing materials developed by professionals, with different climates and budgets in mind.  A new roof is a major investment, but don’t let the prospect take its toll on your mind.  The right roof can save you an astronomical amount of money in the cost of energy.  The right roof will keep you and your family safe and comfortable for the rest of the life of your home.

In general, homes with slanted roofs will use energy efficient metal or tile roofing materials.  Metal reflects sunlight and is very durable.  Tile is made of clay or concrete, both of which are sustainable and eco-friendly.  Often, tile roofing can have an additional energy efficient coating added.


For flatter roofs, membrane roofing can be expensive but it is long lasting and it installs quickly and easily.  Membrane roofing is common in commercial buildings more than private homes.  Sprayed-on polyurethane foam roofing is less expensive than membrane roofing and very resistant to leaks because there are no seams.  This is also used primarily in commercial buildings.
There are key terms to be aware of when deciding on an energy efficient roof.  Emissivity is the rate at which a material releases heat as it is absorbed.  Reflectivity is a number—the higher it is, the more the material reflects heat.  Insulation has to do with additional energy efficient weapons.  What lies beneath the roof now?  Will it work with any new roofing materials, or will it need to be changed?  Be aware that the right new roof may make you eligible for an energy efficient tax break.

“Energy Star” is an international program backed by several governments.  It assists individuals and businesses with protecting the environment by way of excellent energy efficiency.  Energy Star roofs meet the tough criteria that will save you money—and support the “green” cause.

You should get at least three estimates before deciding on a contractor for your new roof.  It’s a major home-improvement project.  Take time to consider not just the cost of materials and labor, but also the cost of maintenance.  Do you have a warranty?

Technology will keep producing state-of-the-art building materials that will lower demand on utilities and reduce chemical emissions, leading to cleaner air.  What’s better than a future where it costs less to have a healthy environment?  Take part in the green progression.  Be proud of playing a role in energy efficiency, and the money you’ll save doing it.

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