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Invest in Your House and Beat the Stock MarketInvest in Your House and Beat the Stock Market

The stock market’s been making news lately, and the news isn’t good. With so many people agonizing over when and what to sell or buy, the dream of a solid and significant return on investment seems a long way off. But it could be closer than you think. If you ... [read more]

10 Tips for an Environmentally Friendly Home10 Tips for an Environmentally Friendly Home

Make the jump to fluorescent lighting; it uses about a quarter as much energy as incandescent lighting and can last many times longer. Use phosphate-free detergents; they get clothes just as clean, but are gentle on the environment. Paper or plastic? Neither! Bring reusable bags to the grocery store. Pass on harsh drain ... [read more]

Federal Tax Credits for 'Green' Home ImprovementsFederal Tax Credits for 'Green' Home Improvements

The recent stimulus package, approved in February by the Congress, includes tax credits of up to $1,500 dollars for homeowners willing to improve their home’s energy efficiency. Improvements such as replacement windows, insulation and sealing, as well as upgrades on heating and cooling systems are eligible for the tax credit. The adoption ... [read more]

Going Green: Does it pay off?Going Green: Does it pay off?

Not too long ago,  “green” homes were pretty much a trend followed by the few people who actually had the time and money to research and implement “green” technologies in the name of environmental responsibility. While newer homes were being built more and more eco-friendly, retrofitting an existing home  just to ... [read more]

Energy Efficiency Through NatureEnergy Efficiency Through Nature

On a hot summer day, the cool shade of a tree is the perfect place to get away from the sun’s strong rays.  You may notice that areas full of thick, lush trees tend to feel much cooler than open, sun-parched land.  Planting trees in your yard is a great ... [read more]

Energy Efficiency Through the RoofEnergy Efficiency Through the Roof

When many people think of energy efficiency, they think of power sources, turning off the lights, using less gas, maybe the utilization of solar panels for a single home or a wind farm for an entire community.  However, energy efficiency can come in the form of new roofing materials developed ... [read more]

Monitoring HVAC Zones: Thermostats and DampersMonitoring HVAC Zones: Thermostats and Dampers

A HVAC zone refers to a precise area of a building that is heated, cooled, or ventilated by a HVAC system.  Zones may be specific rooms or whole floors of a home.  Commercially, a zone may be one office, a section of offices, or a story of a building.  Today’s ... [read more]

Blown Foam InsulationBlown Foam Insulation

There are multiple ways to “go green” and use less energy in your home. You can seal air leaks by caulking the cracks along windows and doors, replace your HVAC’s air filters every couple months, and make sure your home’s air ducts are fully sealed and unblocked. Another great way ... [read more]

Rigid Foam InsulationRigid Foam Insulation

As we all know, weather can be quite finicky. One day it may be 55 degrees, and the next day it may be 30 degrees. Without sufficient home insulation, a homeowner is more likely to experience such changes in weather first-hand. That’s because a home that lacks insulation cannot fully ... [read more]

Open & Closed Cell Foam InsulationOpen & Closed Cell Foam Insulation

A home that is sufficiently insulated will have lower energy bills, less wasted energy, fewer drafts, and be much more comfortable to live in year-round. This is because insulation helps to protect a home from hot summer and/or cold winter outdoor temperatures. Plus, it protects against air leaks and helps ... [read more]

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