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Remodeling to Sell: Not every improvement pays off

The recent housing crisis flooded the real estate market with properties. Sellers today are competing with builders desperate to get rid of newly built homes and banks willing to sell foreclosed properties at much less than they are worth as a way to cut their losses. To make matters worse, a ... [read more]

Remodeling Contractors: Check those referencesRemodeling Contractors: Check those references

Among all the necessary steps to take when hiring a basement contractor, asking for and checking a contractor’s references is most commonly overlooked by the homeowners. Some are not comfortable with the idea of bothering a complete stranger, or calling someone on the phone to ask about the work performance of another. ... [read more]

How to Pick a Home Improvement ContractorHow to Pick a Home Improvement Contractor

Time and time again we hear horror stories about home improvement contractors doing shoddy work, not doing the what they were paid to do, or just flat out cheating homeowners out of their money. As a homeowner, what can you look for to help choose a trustworthy home improvement contractor? There ... [read more]

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