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Crawl Space Articles

Crawl Space Problems

Crawl spaces are likely the most disregarded and neglected spaces within a home. They're notoriously dark, damp, moldy, smelly places that are avoided by the homeowner at all costs. However, a crawl space is part of the home, and as such, what happens there bears upon the entire home. Listed ... [read more]

Healthy Crawl SpacesHealthy Crawl Spaces

There is an old-fashioned belief still supported by some building codes and general contractors across the U.S. concerning crawl spaces. The belief that crawl spaces should be vented is greatly contributing to the problem of damp, moldy and decaying crawl spaces becoming a true housing epidemic. According to this belief, crawl ... [read more]

Easy steps, big savingsEasy steps, big savings

The Baltimore Sun’s Home and Garden session this week brings us a nice article, listing some easy (and fairly inexpensive) home improvements that will help you save a lot of money in utilities, cut energy use, and make the house more energy efficient. Cut energy use, make your home efficient with ... [read more]

Basement and Crawl Space MoldBasement and Crawl Space Mold

Because air moves upwards in your home from the bottom floors through the roof and upper levels, mold in the basement means mold in your home. And in apartments and rental homes, the Journal of Property Management reports that lawsuits are being filed in mold-related issues by the tens of ... [read more]

Basement and Crawl Space Humidity

Why are basements and crawl spaces notorious from being damp, humid spaces? If your basement is not flooding or leaking from the pipes, where is all that moisture coming from? The answer may surprise you. Moisture enters your below-grade space through the concrete- even when the concrete's surface looks dry. The ... [read more]

Rotting Crawl Spaces

Crawl spaces are widely known as rotting, humid, dank spaces. There's a reason for this: they ARE, more often than not, rotting, humid, and dank. Unfortunately, what happens in the crawl space does not stay in the crawl space- as part of your home, a rotting, sagging crawl space will ... [read more]

Crawl Space Mold

Moisture in a crawl space is a major problem- one that quickly leads to the rotting of all organic materials in the space. Stored items, insulation, and especially wood will become moldy, leading to its decay, over the course of years. Moldy Crawl Space InsulationFiberglass is made out of blown glass ... [read more]

Pest Problems in Crawl Spaces

No one knows how great a place your house is to live like insects, and if they can find a way into your crawl space, they'll make it their home. Animals such as snakes, cats, moles, spiders, and others may not pose a serious problem. However, others pests, such as ... [read more]

Flooded Crawl Spaces

A home with a flooding crawl space has a serious problem. Whether the water is coming from the walls, the floors, the wall/floor joist, or from a plumbing leak, it will lead to damage that will affect the entire home. Rot, mold, sagging floors, and smells are all symptoms of ... [read more]

Crawl Space IssuesCrawl Space Issues

Clean CrawlSpace, Inc. and House Detective team up to repair a dank, musty crawlspace with four inches of standing water. Their goal: To fix up this and other issues in the house within a $7,000 budget before they sell the home.The crew steps in to install a crawl space vapor ... [watch video]

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