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Affordable Decorating: Ideas for Your Basement to Your Bedroom

Everyone’s feeling the strain in these stressful economic times, especially homeowners looking to do some affordable decorating or any home renovations. When your budget is tight, decorating may be the last thing on your mind. But there are ways to remodel and redesign areas of your home while not wasting all of your hard-earned cash. Make even your most frugal friends jealous with these penny-pinching plans for home decorating.

Like New
One thrifty home remodeling technique is to reuse and recycle materials. Reuse old fabric and material from clothing or blankets to make pillows or lamp shades. You can also take old furniture and redecorate it to make it more modern or to match the current theme or color scheme of your room. You can paint a new finish onto a wood chair, or reupholster an old sofa with new material to make it seem like it was just brought home from the store.

Keep it Simple
For even easier affordable decorating, iVillage has a number of speedy tips that anyone can do. First, if you’re tired with how a room looks, rearrange the furniture! Simply altering the room’s appearance can make it feel almost new. iVillage also recommends adding some paint, some plants (real or fake will do), and even new lamps to brighten up the room. Want to soften a room or add a burst of color and texture? Add an area rug in the center of the room under a coffee table or dining table.

Don’t Waste your Money
Once you’ve finished your home decorating, don’t let all that time and money go to waste due to a poor environment in your home. Air rises through your house, so the condition of your basement can affect your whole home. Moldy, musty air and dampness can wreck havoc on furniture and other parts of your home.

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