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Turning a Basement into a Gameroom

When it comes to transforming your basement into a gameroom, the possibilities are truly endless.  After enlisting the help of a basement finishing contractor, the fun begins.  Do you want a theme room, like your favorite sport, a casino lounge, or pub decor?  To be wise, it is best to avoid a cluster of posters, street signs, and beer logos.  You don’t want your final, finished space to look like an adolescent bedroom.  Even if you do not want a single theme, a gameroom should be well put together and organized, with a professional design.

For lighting, consider touch lamps, clap machines, and hanging florescent fixtures over any game tables.  You might want to invest in pub lamps or lava lights.  For game rooms with a bar, look for lights that advertise your favorite drink or pub fare.  Vintage and antique machines are available if you are willing to pay extra.  Or if you’re thinking beach bar, buy some Tiki lamps and rattan bar stools.  You want to be strategic with the lighting in your basement gameroom.  Games like pool and ping-pong need a fairly bright light.  Arcade machines will light themselves.  Dim or colored bulbs will be great on top of the bar, or in a fixture above a poker table.

Will the gameroom be for adults, or will kids be joining in the fun?  It is wise to get mixed age-appropriate activities.  A real poker table is great for adult-night, so it is best to distract the kids with an arts and crafts table, indoor hockey net, bowling set, basketball hoop, or board game area.  Otherwise, kids will be too tempted by the adult game fun.

Wall color schemes for basement gamerooms include the use of complimentary colors.  These are two colors on opposite ends of the color wheel that create a striking affect.  Complimentary colors are often used on sports uniforms—blue and orange, purple and yellow, green and red.  It is best to use the darker color as trim, and the lighter color on the main wall.  The lighter color will make your pictures, clocks, and signs stand out more.  Or try a large diamond-shaped design across the walls.  Create a geometric mural if you are artistically inclined.  Paint your favorite arcade character, sports star, or muscle car.

You can always mask the functional components of your basement with moveable paneling if you want to hide a rattling furnace and water heater.  An unfinished ceiling will have an industrial effect, or install panels and a handsome ceiling fan for ventilation.  You can still access any pipes or ceiling ducts with drop ceiling panels.

A basement gameroom has fun meeting functionality, and who can argue with that?  A finished basement will also significantly raise the price of your home.

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