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Air Conditioning Articles

Invest in Your House and Beat the Stock MarketInvest in Your House and Beat the Stock Market

The stock market’s been making news lately, and the news isn’t good. With so many people agonizing over when and what to sell or buy, the dream of a solid and significant return on investment seems a long way off. But it could be closer than you think. If you ... [read more]

Keep Your Cool When Choosing Air Conditioning UnitsKeep Your Cool When Choosing Air Conditioning Units

In the hot summer months, reliable air conditioning units are worth their weight in gold. As the mercury rises outside, you want to stay cooler inside. An air conditioning unit, after all, is really just a machine that extracts heat from a given area using a refrigeration cycle. But if ... [read more]

Monitoring HVAC Zones: Thermostats and DampersMonitoring HVAC Zones: Thermostats and Dampers

A HVAC zone refers to a precise area of a building that is heated, cooled, or ventilated by a HVAC system.  Zones may be specific rooms or whole floors of a home.  Commercially, a zone may be one office, a section of offices, or a story of a building.  Today’s ... [read more]

Home Energy AuditsHome Energy Audits

Tom & Larry's Excellent Home Energy Savings Show talks about Home Energy Audits, why you need a home energy audit, the ABC's of an energy audit Attic, Basement, Conditioned space and what energy saving step should be done in your home first, second, third; based on the results of your ... [watch video]

Home Improvements that Pay OffHome Improvements that Pay Off

In times of economic uncertainty it is only natural that we try to save money. We cancel expensive vacation trips, cut on leisure, postpone the purchase of that brand new car, and put off major expenditures such as home remodeling and repairs. The idea is to stretch our hard earned ... [read more]

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